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As part of its data collection activities, particularly opinion surveys (polling), MAMDA has been able to compile time series of economic and social  indicators on Lebanon. The collected data is generally segregated by age, sex, area of residence, educational status and religious affiliation. The time series generally cover the period between at least the year 2000 and the present.  



The following list gives an idea of the content of this database of primary data. They relate to respondents' opinions regarding the indicated questions.


Economic indicators:


Expectations regarding the state of the economy (next 12 months).

            Q. Do you think the economic situation in the country will improve, stay the same, worsen or no idea, in the next 12 months?



Expectations regarding the change in personal income (next 12 months).

            Q. How do you think your income will be in one year from now, higher, the same,  lower or no idea?



Evaluation of present availability of job opportunities.

            Q. How do you evaluate availability of job opportunities at present: Widely available, normally available, rarely available or no opinion?



Unemployment levels. (not working and looking for work).



 Social (and living condition) indicators:


Sufficiency of income for basic needs.

Q. Do you think that your income is adequate to cover your basic needs (shelter, clothing, food, education and medical needs)? (yes / no / no opinion)



Sufficiency of income in relation to social status.

            Q. Do you think that your income is adequate for a standard of living commensurate with your social status? (yes / no / no opinion )



Degree of happiness living in Lebanon.

            Q. Are you generally happy with your life in Lebanon? (yesmore or less / no / no opinion)



Intention to migrate.

            Q. Did you think about migrating in the past 3 years? (yes )



Whether specific action taken to realize the intention to migrate.

            Q. Did you seriously try to migrate, by applying for visa, contacting friends abroad for the purpose, etc? (yes ).



Reason for undertaking action to migrate.

           Q. Why do you wish to migrate (to those who seriously tried): improve living

conditions, education, security situation, lack of freedoms, military draft, other?



Expected destination after undertaking action to migrate: USA-Canada, West Europe, Australia, Gulf, Other, Anywhere.



In addition to the above time series, MADMA


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