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MADMA  undertakes, upon request, economic and social studies. In the past few years, for example, it prepared a number of such studies including:


1.      The National Human Development Report Lebanon, 1998, for the United Nations Development Programme.

2.      The Employment Situation in West Asia: Issues, Trends and Policies, 1999, for the International Labour Organization

3.      Edited and contributed to the book The ESCWA Region: Political, Economic and Social Developments, 1999, for the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.

4.      Women and Men in the Arab Region: A Statistical Portrait, 2000, for the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia.

5.      Contributed a chapter and editing of a book on The Population of Lebanon, 2000, published by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Lebanon.

6.      Undertook for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)  and the International Labour Orgnization (ILO)a study on the statistical requirements for evaluating the Millenium Development Goals of the United Nations system (not yet published).

7.      And others.


A number of requested studies are undertaken for the private use of their sponsors and are, therefore, unpublished and not cited in this list


MADMA also undertakes studies that are published by it, or jointly with other institutions, in the form of both manuscripts and articles. For example:


A series of four studies on: The Health Sector in Lebanon, 2000; The Educational System in Lebanon, 2000; Employment and Unemployment in Lebanon, 2000; and Information and Communication Technology in Lebanon, 2000. These studies were published jointly by MADMA and Middle East Research and Studies (MERS).


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